The Icing on the cake - Icings/Buttercreams and Frostings
Marzipan, Fondant Icing
Buttercream Icing (Lemon, Lime, Orange, Coffee, Cream Cheese.)
American Frosting
Butterscotch Frosting
Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Satin Chocolate Icing
Meringue Frosting

Cake Flavours
Vanilla Sponge
Chocolate Sponge
Rich Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate Orange Sponge
Lemon Sponge
Rich Fruit Cake
Light Fruit Cake

As well as Special occasion cakes I also make dessert cakes, you can have any of the above with any choice of frosting/buttercream.

Coconut Sponge with Lime Frosting,
Is a popular one,

Hummingbird cake
My speciality cake is Hummingbird cake, A recipe given to me by my good friend Liz. (Now known as Lizzie Hummingbird!) 
It is an amazing mix of ripe bananas, crushed pineapple and pecan nuts, topped with a deliciously sweet Cream Cheese Frosting. A truly Scrumtious dessert or cake for any special occasion, this cake really does need to be tasted to be believed.

Sponge Cake
My Sponge cakes are always made fresh to ensure the best flavour and make sure they are always soft, light and moist.
They are filled with a delicious, generous helping of Buttercream and seedless Raspberry jam.

Chocolate Fudge Cake
I have developed this cake so it is as chocolatey as possible. It is so rich in flavour and very very moist.
Filled with Lashings of chocolate buttercream mixed with cocoa, even more chocolate and cream.

Rich Fruit Cake
My fruitcake is made using all natural ingredients including real butter, dark sugar, almonds, juicy cherries and the best quality fruits.
I finish all my fruitcakes with apricot preserve, a generous layer of Marzipan and Fondant icing.
Royal icing or Frosting can be used instead of fondant if you prefer.
Always use a sharp knife when cutting.

Terms and Conditions (The boring but Important bit!)
Cakes should be ordered as much in advance as possible. Minimum 1-2 weeks for sponge cakes and really about three months for Wedding cakes so they can be given the time and dedication they deserve

The more decoration and detail required, the more notice should be given to enable me to order products I may not keep on stock.

I will always try to fit you in if you have an “Emergency Cake!” so please call me to discuss.

Cakes can be picked up or delivered. I will deliver free within Livingston, there will be a charge for other areas.
Wedding cakes will be delivered and set up on the morning of your wedding or the day before if your venue allows.
Cakes should be stored in a cool dark place, Never in the fridge.
Sponge cakes will keep for a week and Fruitcakes for several months if stored correctly.
Sponge and chocolate cakes do not contain nuts as an ingredient but may contain nut traces as they as prepared in a kitchen where nuts are used and stored.
My Fruitcakes do contain Almonds and Alcohol unless you request they are made without.

Some novelty cakes cannot be given in exact dimensions as I handcraft them freehand. My cakes look big and give a great impact; I have never received complaint about portion amounts!

Some cakes may be decorated, according to your design, with non edible decorations or things that may be a choking hazard for small children such as, Dragees, Pillars, Dowels, Ribbon, Wires, tape, Diamonds or sugar flowers. Please make sure all of these are removed before cutting/eating!


A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking; this will be set depending on the cake ordered.

Celebration and novelty cakes will have a deposit taken with the remainder of the balance due 2 weeks before the due date (if time allows).

Wedding cakes will have a deposit taken with the balance being due 1 month before completion.

Any cancellations will be refunded at my disgression – depending on how close to the due date you cancel, How much of the cake has bee completed and also and specialist items have made or had to order will be taken into consideration.

Alterations to orders
I will always try my best to accommodate requests for changes, as I want this to be the best cake you’ve ever had! Sometimes very late alterations may not be possible but please always contact me to discuss. *

*There is possibility of increased cost for late alterations.